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Sandee Zaillian-Cohrs




I have been interested is art since I was two years old (I was born in 1953). It is my passion; my love; my life. Earning a BA in graphics communication from California State University, Fresno in 1975, I’ve loved the diversification of art and find I am always re-inventing myself.

Work history includes: graphic artist in the industrial media center at CSUF, art director at affiliate television stations for ABC and CBS in Fresno, owner of Sandee Design since 1978 featuring facets of art from fashion design and painting, artistic jewelry, silk scarf painting and more recent (since 1990), decorative painting, faux finishes/surface finishes, flooring surfaces and canvas paintings.

If you want the best, let Sandee Design for you.

Being a painting contractor for 26 years, Sandee Design has created work on surfaces in spaces both commercially and residentially throughout the Western United States. Venetian plasters, various faux finishes, murals, cabinet finishes, etc., are created every day with my crew of three.

For me, with my canvas paintings, exploring various textures and surfaces (mixed media), methodically layering paint and glazes as well as composition of light and shadow with reflective materials bring my art to life. The us of tiny glass beads, plasters and metallic powders empower the facet of reflection. The work creates texture that is “touchable”.

Another facet of our surface finishes is flooring. Concrete overlay, stained concrete and paint flake epoxy flooring systems. The use of one time stencils, custom stains and tints for interior as well as exterior surfaces enhance floors and countertops.

I enjoy being the mother of two children and four grandchildren. I reside in Clovis, CA with my husband, and enjoy sharing with a dog and four cats.

My hobbies are gardening and landscape art and knitting loom hats for the homeless.

On Saturdays and some evenings, I teach arts and crafts to children as well as adults.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!