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Decorative painting is a broad term for a variety of surface treatments. Ceilings, walls, floors, counter tops, cabinets, furniture, glass and mirrors and many more surfaces can be decorated with state of the art finishes. The use of all-over stencils covering the entire walls can mimic wallpaper. These “Wall-over” stencils stencils can create a custom look in any color way or texture. And when one tires of the look, simply repaint instead of the removal of wall paper.

Hand painting or murals on walls and furniture are classic in decorating . As an accent wall, a special furniture piece or children’s themed rooms.

Benefits of Decorative Painting:
  • No need for wallpaper
  • Can repaint quickly and easily
  • State of the art finishes


If you are a pet lover, you will love Whimsical Pet Portraits by Sandee Design. Acrylic paintings on canvas make excellent gifts as well as “touching” memorials. Being an animal loverher herself, Sandee feels she can capture the soulfullness of your favorite pet for years of enjoyment.

Whimsical Pet Portraits:
  • Remember¬† your loved pet
  • Touching memorials


Sandee Design offers consulting for both interior and exterior spaces. By having consulting services this eliminates the guesswork of the over purchase of numerous amounts of paints and trying to find the perfect color. Although Sandee Design does not offer all aspects of interior design or construction, she can help clients with the finest networking of interior designers, carpenters, electricians, and other contractors for any design or remodeling needs.

Design Consultation Services:

  • Match colors, moods, and tones
  • Find the right contractor for your needs
  • Offer a design eye


Sandee Design now offers classes for children and adults. From ages 3 and up, students will learn the “magic” of color mixing, tints and shades, texture, mixed media, sculpture, etc. They will learn at an early age to “see” the world and not just “look”. Encouraging the child to “Think outside the box” being innovative and creative at a young age will make them an asset in anything they do as a growing adult.

There will be guest artists/teachers from time to time instructing thier expertise such as: sculpture, air brushing and stained glass. Sandee Design will also offer a varitety of DIY classes for the novice painter. “Girls Night Out” and “Mommy and Child” classes will be offered. Class schedule and fees will be announced.

Join a class:
  • Ages 3 and up!
  • Guests artists
  • large varitey of mediums


Mirror Aging or patination is a fabulous way to decorate a niche, table or mirror in any room of your home or office. The perfect accent for table decorations for any event including weddings and showers, decorated mirrors can be aged or painted in metallics or any color in an endless array of patterns.The Beauty of Patina:

  • Age and antique mirrors
  • Decorate with mirros
  • Complete wedding centerpieces


Sandee Design works with interior designers as well as individual clients in creating a variety of custom canvas paintings, for any room, feel free to bring an inspiration image or subject matter of what you might like in your home. Sandee Design will create her original adaption of your subject manner in your size or color. From abstract using crystals, glass beads or other mixed media to trompe’oeil in style, Sandee will be able to execute your desires for custom fine art.Commissioned Paintings:

  • Custom and original
  • Many mediums including abstract and mixed media


The term “Faux-Finishing” is a good term used for the imitation of one type of surface look by the use of paints, or other coatings. Faux wood, metals, rust, parchment and linen are just a few different finishes that can be obtained. Pearalescense and glitter coatings have become recently popular and enhance any surface area.

It is no longer attached to the “Old World” finishes and now can be used for modern and contemporary looks to traditional, Moroccan and art deco.

Why use faux finishing:
  • Upcycle items
  • Enhance any surface with Pearalescense or glitter
  • One of a kind results


Countertops: As a creative option for tabletops and countertops, concrete overlay with an epoxy coating is a smashing art-piece. No one can have green onyx, blue marble, or any simulated granite on fantasy colors as well as “mural” art on a kitchen, bath counter or any tabletop without having to buy the entire slab.

Floors: Concrete overlay is an affordable flooring option for interior or exterior spaces. Patios, pool decks, garages, every room in your home or office; this flooring system is a beautiful way to enhance any space without the demolition of its substrate.

Unlimited colors, borders, medallions, patio “carpets” can all be created with our concrete overlay products.

Why Choose Concrete Overlay:
  • Variety of colors, borders and designs
  • Indoor or outdoor spaces
  • No need for granite.